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A Permanent Solution To Tilting - Tilt Breaker

Having a stable mind is just as important as the cards you are dealt in poker. Some players have trouble avoiding tilt and losing their bankroll. There are some tricks and tips to help avert disaster but most of these require self control. Poker players are naturally impulsive for the most part and self control is a skill some lack. This has lead some of the best poker minds to come up with ways to aide avoiding tilt, perhaps you're not a tilt monkey, perhaps you have poor bankroll mismanagement, or maybe you have a soft spot for logging sessions after a few drinks. All of these leaks have a common issue, you're playing when you shouldn't be. This great little piece of software solves all these problems.

Tilt Breaker is dedicated to providing unique and innovative tools to help poker players avoid going on tilt. They have a wide selection of materials to help poker players avoid going on tilt. Numerous articles full of tips about tilt are available for free on site. The main focus of Tilt Breaker is the software. This ground breaking program is your one stop tilt breaking tool. Filled with features that will suit the needs of any player, not just those who go on tilt easily, Tilt Breaker is a tool every poker player must own.

If we look at ways to avoid tilt and have a better understanding of the game we will be one step closer to keeping our precious money intact. You must realize that poker is a game of long term decisions. You will not win every hand you play regardless of how good you are. The percentages and odds will make sure of this. Even when dealt a pair of Aces, you will lose a portion of the time. As long as you make the correct decisions, that is all you can do. Focus on what you can control and try not to remember the times you lose. The variance will even out with the more hands you play.

The Auto Break feature is a customizable setting that will automatically sit you out of all tables at a pre determined time that you set. If your optimal playing time is 1 hour, use Auto Break to make sure you don't play over this allotted time.

Bankroll Management Tool

For those who like to play higher than their roll allows, the Bankroll tool on tilt Breaker will make sure you never sit at a table limit your bankroll cant afford. This setting can be also be tweaked to block the cashier for those who obsessively check their bankroll balance. You can also restrict yourself to a set number of tables and even block out certain times of the day.


This tool is truly amazing and one of the best features on Tilt Breaker. Some players aren't sure of their limits. Its difficult to determine certain situations that put you on tilt. There may be certain times of the day you lose more, or a certain length of time where your game deteriorates. Optimus will do the work for you. It completely analyzes your play and will recommend certain settings that should be implemented in Tilt Breaker.

App blocker

We all love surfing the web for crazy videos or updating our Face Book status. This is all fun stuff and nothing wrong with it. Unless your playing poker! There's a time to play poker and there's a time to check out the latest pics from your friends bachelor party. The App Blocker function will make sure you cant access anything other than the poker sites. Select which sites to block and allow during your sessions. Fully customizable and totally awesome, App Blocker is a must use feature on Tilt Breaker.

Smart Lock

For the person who doesn't want to quit when they're tilting and thinks they can win it all back, Tilt Breaker implements a Smart Lock feature. This option makes it so you can not override your current settings and ensures you follow the rules you have set in place. There will be times when a player goes on such tilt that they don't want to quit and will continue losing their money. This feature stops that completely. It cant even be turned off by re booting the computer its that smart.

Rage Button

At any time during your session you can use the Rage button. If you feel like the tilt is coming on and your preset rules in Tilt Breaker are not yet ready to kick in, the Rage Button will lock down all poker sites immediately. You set the amount of time it sits you out of the game to make sure you are collected when you return. A mis-click option ensure you don't accidentally hit the button. It takes three clicks in a row to activate the Rage button.

Tilt Breaker is by far one of the best programs out there. It gets rave reviews from the likes of Jared Tendler and Kevin "Wizard of Ahhs"Thurman. The program is simple to use and a tutorial is on site for any problems.