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In the online realm the term rakeback was coined back around 2004, although the term only came into existence around then, rakeback was already an integral part of online poker, it just had a different label, the first of which was a sign up bonus.

To clear a poker bonus you pay rake, right? Whatever label you give it, in layman's terms, you're getting rakeback when that bonus is awarded. The same applies for more or less any promotions online poker sites offer. Poker rooms reward you for the revenue you generate for them through rake, when they reward you, its usually with the rake you've paid.

It's never easy to know how much rake you have to pay or how much rakeback you can earn as different poker network and room will vary on their rakeback rates and general policies. Here you will find a concise and up to date list of articles detailing all the information for which poker rooms and poker networks offer rake back deals.

We've detailed all the VIP Bonus rewards offers and loyalty schemes where flat rakeback is not available. Some VIP deals are actually bettter value than their flat rakeback counterparts, especially after you take other promotions into account such as sign up bonuses, rake races and reload bonuses. Browse our rakeback articles on the right hand side menu.

With our rakeback reviews we go into great detail and list every last piece of information, we highlight the best guaranteed tournaments on offer and who has the best customer support. If you're tired of being mistreated by your regular online poker room, browse our articles for honest advice for what sites are offering the best value and who offers the best service, and all tailored to your own personal playing habits. We also offer a service for reviewing unknown poker rooms and networks.

If you have spotted a poker room that you are interested in playing on but can't find information, you might have some safety or security concerns, please contact us and we will conduct a thorough investigation on their credibility and long term viability. As with every facet of the internet, the old saying of 'if it's too good to be true, it probably is' often rings true. Ensure you research who you are depositing money with.

It's is especially important for internet based services that you're not familiar with, for every reputable site there is a rogue operator, make sure you're armed with the information you need to avoid them.