Blaze Fast Rush Speed & Zoom Poker Rakeback

List of Top Poker Sites Offering The Best Speed Poker Games

The evolution of poker is bringing new and exciting ways to play the game. The first to offer the unique style of speed poker was Full Tilt Poker. They introduced the highly popular "Rush Poker" in 2010 and it became an instant success. Despite their best efforts to patent their innovative new feature, their competitors moved swiftly to launch their own brands of speed poker.

Each respective platform will have a dedicated player pool. You join one of these rooms and off you go. As soon as you are dealt cards, you have the option to instantly fold your hand and be whisked away to the next table to start a new hand. There's no need to wait for everyone else to act before you get new cards. As soon as you click the fold button you are randomly moved to a new table with new players and get new cards. This process just repeats itself over and over until you stand up from the table.

You will run into the same players if you play enough and depending on how big the player pool is for these games will determine at what frequency. The idea behind this concept is to allow players to get in many more hands than they normally would playing at regular tables. And of course the more hands you play the more rake the sites make. The big plus is there is great potential for rakeback earnings and you can now clear bonuses super fast.

Rush Poker - Full Tilt Poker - Free $10 No Deposit Bonus

Full Tilt Rush Poker

Despite the huge success, there were some changes that had to be made when Rush Poker was first introduced. Full Tilt made decisive changes to their rake back method because players were amassing huge amounts of rake back playing Rush Poker.

At first they used the dealt method, which meant as long as you were dealt cards, you got a portion of rake back. You can imagine how much rake you would get back being able to play considerably more hands over a short space of time.

Rush poker is the original and the best speed poker platform available, the software and game play is super intuitive and an absolute pleasure to use. The tables are always bustling with activity during all times of the day and you can find a range of stakes and games available There is no better time to sign up to Full Tilt...

For a limited time only you can sign up to Full Tilt Poker and get a free $10 no deposit bonus! Get lucky with your free tournament tickets and you could be playing Rush poker for real money absolutely free! Click on the Rush poker image to claim your free $10 no deposit bonus at Full Tilt Poker.

Zoom Poker - PokerStars

PokerStars Zoom Poker

Poker Stars had the benefit of seeing Rush Pokers flaws and announced the changes to their model before they introduced Zoom Poker. They also used the dealt method and changed over to contributed in early 2012. This was highly debated among the high volume players since it made becoming Super Nova Elite harder. But, in the end Poker Stars is king and the changes stuck. They were decent enough to at least listen to concerns and changed around some of the game structures to offset the changes in rake method.

PokerStars have a reputation for doing things one way and that's generally the right away, once again they've come up trumps. Their own brand of speed poker 'Zoom Poker' was an immediate success when it first arrived and for a good reason. Gameplay is flawless and you can multi- table zoom poker with complete ease.

Zoom poker is a very close 2nd behind Rush poker, with PokerStars being the largest poker room in the world, that comes with having the advantage of a constant stream of traffic on all games and stakes available for Zoom poker. You'll never be stuck finding a game that's the right fit for you on Poker Stars.

Playing Zoom poker is a speedy way to clear any bonus on offer from PokerStars, learn more.

Fast Forward Poker - Party Poker

Play Fast Forward on Party Poker

It was no surprise to see Party Poker jumping on the speed poker bandwagon, and it didn't take them long to follow suit with their brand of speed poker, Fast Forward poker. Fast Forward poker is another welcome addition to the ever evolving world of online speed poker.

Just as you would expect with Party Poker, the games run flawlessly and multi-tabling is seamless. With the recent merge with Bwin Interactive, the Fast Forward games are always teaming with life and there is a great selection of stakes and games running, peak times are the best times to play.

With the sign up bonus available and the ongoing rewards on offer to players (rake returns of up to 40%), playing Fast Forward on Party is a very attractive proposition for any player. With the huge volume of hands you can blaze through, earning big rewards is considerably easy.

Sign up for VIP rewards up to 40% for Fast Forward poker, you can earn your cash bonuses twice as fast on the Fast Forward tables.

Speed Poker - iPoker - William Hill

William Hill Poker

iPoker had their work cut out when they made the decision to launch their own version of speed poker across the network, stiff competition was already well established in the speed poker market. Many players were shocked by just how good a job they did on the speed poker platform.

You can find speed poker tables on all iPoker sites including William Hill Poker. Simply go to the main ring game lobby and click on speed poker. Traffic numbers are good and games anywhere from 5nl-100nl run regularly. Software works very well and I suspect you'll be pleasantly surprised by how good ipoker's new speed poker is.

There is one small draw back, multi-tabling speed poker on William Hill is very smooth, but when you start playing 5 and 6 tables, it can start putting your computers processing power to the test. One way of alleviating this issue is to remove all the frills from table view, such as animations, chat box and so forth. When you play speed poker you don't get a moment to chat and at the tables anyway, so removing the chatbox is no great loss.

You can find different stakes for texas holdem tables running regularly throughout the day and night on William Hill Poker. With an impressive sign up bonus available and VIP rewards that can reach 70%, playing Speed poker on William Hill is going to see you rack up some serious cash rewards on your speed poker play.

Muchos Poker - Multi-Network - Strobe Blaze Fast Fold & Speed Poker

Muchos Speed Poker

You may not have heard of Muchos Poker as they're a new poker site, with one cashier and account players can access multiple poker networks with the ability to make transfers to and from each one, learn more. Because they have such a wide choice of poker rooms it means you can access 3 different speed poker platforms through one account and the number of different poker sites you can access is ever growing.

The biggest plus has to be package worth €4,000 in sign up bonuses, you can clear these in a breeze playing speed poker. Alternatively you can sign up for 30% flat rate rakeback that get's paid daily (applies to certain platforms). Rakeback earnings for speed poker can rack up at a very fast rate.

As you have access to three platforms, traffic won't be an issue, rakeback and bonuses are available on all rooms, so players rewards are very generous. For more information on each platform please see the other poker site speed platform overviews.

The three following speed poker platforms can be accessed through Muchos Poker.

  1. Blaze Poker with Betsson on Microgaming, see Nordic Bet below for more information.
  2. Strobe & Fast Fold poker is available through Goalwin, Heavenbet and Betsson Ongame.
  3. The Muchos Speed Poker platform operates on the Instadeal network, the same platform as poker sites such as Terminal poker.

Blaze Poker - MPN (Microgaming) - Nordic Bet

Play Blaze Poker on Nordic Bet

Gaming giants Microgaming (aka MPN) launched their own unique version of fast poker with Blaze Poker tables. It's essentially the same as the rest but with a few new interesting and cool features. As rakeback is permitted on Microgaming or MPN, playing Blaze poker offers sky high rewards.

Nordic bet were one of the first poker sites to include Blaze poker on their platform. The interesting thing about Blaze poker is the addition of heads up speed poker tables and anonymous speed poker tables. Heads up speed poker works the same way as 6 max and full ring, you play each hand against a random person from a player pool. Playing heads up speed or Blaze poker will see gigantic cash back rewards on 30% rakeback.

The anonymous speed or Blaze poker tables operate in the same fashion, except player aliases can't be identified, this means you can play speed Blaze poker in peace without having to worry about other players using tracking software to get any reads on you. Many sharks rely so heavily on their HUD that they can't play without them, this is good news for recreational players.

Game play itself is sweet, multi-tabling is no bother and the pace of the games are blazing. Traffic is the only disappointment when it comes to Blaze poker, you will find games bountiful for different stakes at peak hours, but off peak the tables are much quieter, not to say you won't have issues getting action.

Nordic bet is one of a few remaining poker sites still offering 30% rakeback, when signing up you have a choice between 30% rakeback paid weekly, or a once off sign up bonus and lower rewards. If you play Blaze poker, the 30% rakeback deal is a much better offer over the sign up bonus, the long term cash rewards will far outweigh any bonus amount on offer. Read more.

Fast Fold Poker - Betsafe Ongame Network

Fast Fold Poker Betsafe

Betsafe poker were the first to announce and launch the Ongame network premier of their own version of Speed Poker. Fast fold poker is now live and available on Betsafe and across the Ongame network. Branded Fast Fold poker on Betsafe you'll see it advertised also as Strobe poker on other sites operating on the same network.

While I commend their efforts to launch a great version of speed poker I wish it had been integrated directly into the poker program, to access the Fast Fold and Strobe poker tables you will need to download a seperate speed poker client. You can also access the client conveniently through your web browser.

The gameplay itself is very good and multi-tabling is hassle free, player numbers and range of available games is somewhat limited, but player numbers are on the rise and the games have gotten increasingly busier since they launched the speed platform.

If you plan on signing up to play Fast fold poker, make sure you take advantage of our superb VIP Betsafe offer, you will clear the sign up bonus and earn some handsome rewards for your play in a very short space of time playing fast fold poker.

Traffic Report

  • PokerStars Zoom/ Full Tilt Rush Poker: There's no shortage of traffic running on PokerStars and with their recent acquisition of Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker are sure to have the busiest speed poker tables running at all times of the day. They both offer NLH and PLO Zoom & Rush Poker tables, with available stakes ranging from $2nl-$500nl and $2plo-$200plo and there is action available 24/7.
  • iPoker Speed Poker on William Hill Poker: Probably the second busiest network for speed poker traffic, mainly NLH games run for the time being, but there's always solid number for stakes ranging from $5nl-$100nl, plo games are available but traffic is generally quiet and limited stakes are available.
  • Party Poker Fast Forward platform comes third for play numbers, but the better software Party offer easily makes up for this. You'll find an excellent range of stakes and games during all times of the day, off peak hours will see you experiencing some waiting periods between hands when multi-tabling, but by and large there's never any shortage of good action.
  • Muchos Speed Poker: With access to a growing number of poker sites that offer speed poker, the combined traffic of all their speed poker platforms make them a solid fourth behind the major market players.
  • Microgaming Blaze Poker on Nordic Bet: With an increasing selection of speed poker formats and stakes, traffic has picked up and it's close, but they probably have the best traffic after ipoker, however no Pot Limit Omaha Speed tables are available, for the best traffic hit the Blaze poker tables during peak hours.
  • Ongame Fast Fold Poker and Strobe Poker: I'm quite surprised by the low traffic numbers at Betsafe, unfortunately fast fold poker is a seperate client which needs to be downloaded, this is probably why traffic is light, it should have been integrated into their main client. With that said, you still you will still find NLH and PLO games running with stakes ranging from $2nl/plo to 100nl/plo, numbers are low but steadily growing. Another poker site best played during peak times for the most traffic on Fast Fold Poker.