Enet Poker Network Rakeback With Muchos

The Enet Poker Network

The Enet poker network operates from Willemstad, Curacao, and the Netherlands Antilles. They have a huge Italian player base since they are one of the few networks that are allowed to offer games for the Italian players, their platform was originally launched on the Italian market in 2007, they've since explanded their operations on a world-wide scale, They have some unique features that separate them from the other sites as well. Before I would have had qualms about their software as put simply, it was hideous, thankfully they've recently upgraded the network and it's now infinitely better for multi-tabling and general navigation and what's more, they've introduced a whole host of new features and game options, with some exciting plans in the pipeline. Their most attractive feature however is the quality of the poker games that run on the network. It's possibly one of the softest sites that's currently available for the non segregated markets that remain.

Muchos Poker Enet

After terminating their partnership agreement with Poker In Venice, Muchos poker swiftly replaced all of their networks and added a bundle more, Muchos Enet is one of their more recent additions to the Muchos Poker mult-network platform.

Enet Poker Network Rakeback Policy With Muchos Poker

The Enet poker network doesn't offer a flat rate rewards scheme, however when you play on Muchos Enet players earn Muchos points, these points can be converted into cold hard cash bonuses on your Muchos account. Players aren't required to log unrealisitc volume targets to achieve a good cashback return rate, while clearing your sign up bonus and competing in other promotions, you can easily achieve 20-50% in rakeback rewards on your poker play. Something to be aware of is Enet's newly introduced liability system

Enet are very protective of their existing poker ecology, in a bid to curb large numbers of rakeback grinders, they've introduced a liability system, it's essentially a rake penalty which comes into effect when players rake little compared to their total winnings. A lack of flat rakeback and their liability system generally deters the mass rakeback grinders, making Enet a fantastic little network.

Rake Structure


Traffic and Competition

The traffic at Enet is a bit on the lower side, but overall it has enough players to support playing multiple tables. On average there are over 600 cash game players with a peak of 1,200. Overall Enet averages over 1,500 players with a peak of around 4,000.

The games are very soft due to the large Italian player base. Enet also has a sports book and casino which attracts some loose players to the poker tables. The tournaments are especially soft and have small fields of players, the action is fast and loose in the rebuy tournaments.

Games Offered

  • Texas Hold 'Em
  • Pot Limit Omaha Hi
  • 32 Card Draw
  • Mixed Games – Numerous variants are played after each pass of the dealer button.

Overall and Honest Opinion

Enet is a solid option for payers at this time and with their recently upgraded software I can see this network increasing it's player liquidity over the near future, with lots of soft spots at the tables and pretty slick software, Enet is an enticing choice for cash game players, unfortunately sng traffic is very low on the network, small buyin tourneys with modest numbers run frequently and fields are generally small and easy to beat. Enet has had it's share of poker skins go under, and with them player funds have sunk into industry black holes so while this may be a concern, with Muchos poker you've absolutely nothing to worry about in this respect and if you still have concerns, you can simply transfer your playing funds to and from the poker network before and after each session you play, which will eliminate any potential network risk. If Muchos poker are happy to partner up with Enet then that's good enough for us. Nothing untoward that's occured on the network has been directly related to them to date, it has been a case of rogue operators disappearing with player funds, something which will never ever happen with Muchos. They've been around too long to go and spoil the reputation they've worked so hard to earn.

Tracking Software

Poker Tracker 3 and 4 no longer supports the Enet Network, support was recently discontinued by Poker Tracker.

Holdem Manager 2 is officially supported by Enet, however the Holdem Manager development team encountered various issues since the recent network upgrade.