Everleaf Rakeback

Everleaf Poker Network Rakeback Deals and VIP Bonus Rake Back Offers

NOTICE: Due to widespread reports from players and affiliates that Everleaf are not paying players or affiliates, we've taken swift action and removed their deals from our site. Players should avoid the network at all cost at this point as there are huge liquidity concerns. We've taken these measures to protect our players interests.

The Everleaf Poker network houses sites such as Minted Poker and Muchos Poker Everleaf. In total there are 23 different skins operating under the Everleaf network. It is a fairly new and still small web of sites, yet they are still able to offer some unique and valuable promotions, including up to $2,500 in cash bonuses for first time depositors.

They were once one of the few poker rooms still allowing U.S. players. In mid February of 2012, they were forced to leave the market after U.S. authorities seized funds. They still offer games to the rest of the world and are slowly rebuilding their player base.


Currently players can receive 40% rake back from the Everleaf network, we recommend Muchos Poker Everleaf, for direct rakeback and daily cashouts on demand, you can transfer your funds to and from Everleaf with ease whenever traffic picks up on the network.

Rake System



The software at Everleaf is solid. Allowing players to customize their avatars and table are just a few of the many options available. Your standard features such as tiling tables and note taking are of course available. Playing multiple tables is easy with these features and allows users to play at an efficient rate, one issue I have is the very short time banks for decisions which doesn't make multi-tabling very easy.

Their biggest claim to fame would have to be their unique shuffling software. Called the "Quantum Photon Shuffling" it boasts to have the industry's most secure shuffling system. The company itself relates to being the "Black Box" of poker shuffling.

Games Offered

  • Texas Hold 'Em
  • Omaha High
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Seven Card Stud

Competition and Traffic

Everleaf is a very soft site to play on. Many of the players are inexperienced and easily exploitable. That said, the site does not generate much traffic and finding a game can be difficult at times. With a peak of around 750 cash game players and an overall average of 220 players, this makes Everleaf one of the smaller networks around. You'll find regular NLH 6max and full ring games running, occasional Omaha 6max and full ring plo, very few sngs and tournaments.