High Pulse Poker Rakeback

High Pulse Poker Rakeback

NOTICE: High Pulse Poker has officially closed it's doors, there have been suggestions they may return to the market.

High Pulse Poker is an independent poker room that opened recently in 2011. Designed by poker players to give the ultimate poker playing experience makes High Pulse Poker one of the more attractive places to play. They offer up some of the best promotions around and have industry leading software.

One unique feature on high Pulse is the ability to bet on a poker hand to win or lose. This is a fun way to try and make a little extra at the tables and breaks up the monotony if you play every day. Currently American players are not allowed at High Pulse Poker. The main currency is Euros.


High Pulse Poker gives players one of the best rake back deals around. Players can earn 50% right from the start. They have new and interesting rake system of winner takes all, whereby if €2 rake is paid in a pot the winner of the hand is the only person who gets a rakeback % from the pot, the loser gets nothing, a unique rake and rake back concept.


It took over 2 years of Beta testing to perfect the software used on high Pulse Poker and it shows. Players can choose from most standard options like, tiling tables, note taking and hand history replayer. The additional features not found on most poker sites are really what set them apart. You can auto center a table, remove the borders to fit more tables, reduce frame rates, and auto placing tables. The auto placement of tables is one of the slickest features they have. Arrange the tables where you want them and save the layout. Next time you play, select the grid option and all tables will go where you had them before.

Traffic and Competition

Being fairly new, the traffic is on the smaller side. Having said that, High Pulse Poker still achieves enough traffic to support multiple tables. The competition is still up for debate at this time. At first there were many regulars playing there due to the high rake back and marketing on poker forums heavily. The grinders are slowly moving out and being replaced by your everyday recreational player, start up operations often find it difficult to make a mark on the online poker industry, the jury is still out on High Pulse Poker, as to whether or not they'll succeed in gaining a healthy market share.

Games Offered

  • Texas Hold 'Em
  • Omaha High
  • Omaha Hi/lo

Tracking Software

None Supported