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iPoker Rakeback Deals and VIP Bonus Rakeback Offers

The i Poker network is the second largest group of poker rooms on the internet. Hosting some of the more popular rooms around including, Titan Poker, William Hill and Bet365. In total there are over 30 skins running on the iPoker network. Some of the best promotions around are hosted on iPoker. The most talked about are the sit-n-go jackpots. With over $100,000 in cash prizes up for grabs, these games have been one of the main selling points of this network.

Rakeback and Promotions

No rakeback is offered at this time on i Poker. They do have a VIP program that allows players to earn cash just for playing real money games. There are two choices for players to earn bonuses. The first is a cash rewards program for casual players. Every month you can receive up to $20 every month. Bonuses are earned at a rate of $1 per 100 points. For higher volume players you can opt to keep your points and use them to purchase cash bonuses. The bonuses range from $25 all the way up to $14,500.

The VIP program allows users to earn points at a faster rate and also adds in value of weekly and monthly free rolls. Lower level VIP players earn entry into a $500 weekly free roll. Once you earn more points, you will be eligible for the $1,000 weekly and $5,000 monthly free roll.

iPoker have an extensive range of promotions, each different poker room on the network will have a combination of both network wide promotional offers and poker room skin exclusive promotions such as rake races and leaderboards, William Hill Offer the most generous rewards when consider their sign up bonus, VIP Bonus Loyal Scheme and the plethora of promotions always running.

Rake System

Weighted Contributed


The iPoker network incorporates the famous award winning software developed by Playtech. This software is superior to most and hosts a wide array of features and options. All of the popular options like, note taking, tiling tables and more are on the Playtech platform. The graphics are some of the best in the business and the games run without a glitch. My only criticisim is during upgrades, after which users often experience client related issues.

Games Offered

  • Texas Hold 'Em
  • Seven Card Stud
  • 5 Card Stud
  • Omaha High
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • All games are offered in $ USD, € EUR and £ GBP.

Competition and Traffic

Being the second largest poker site, iPoker has an average of 3,350 cash game players on at any time. A peak total of over 8,000 players make finding a game easy. Their tournament schedule is packed with a wide variety of tournaments that will suit everyone from casual players and high rollers. The sit-n-go tables always have plenty of traffic, in all peak numbers can reach up to 20,000 active players.

i Poker used to boast some of the juiciest poker games around. Due to the unlimited resources online to help improve one's game, the games have inevitably become a little tougher. Even still, there are plenty of loose fish ready and willing to give you their chips.

Warning - iPoker Network Has Split Into Two Networks

In a bid to appease the biggest operators on the iPoker network and also to protect the recreational player pools, iPoker have announced a network split, the whole point of this segregation is to single out and remove skins that are offering excessive under the table rakeback deals which are strictly against the terms and conditions of the ipoker network. For the time being, nothing is definitive in regards to which companies will be on iPoker 1 and which will be on iPoker network 2 but to hazard a guess, it's generally going to be the higher liquidity rooms that are often attached to bookmakers, for example William Hill.

Major companies such as Paddy Power and William Hill invest heavily on marketing in order to attract players to the network, whereas smaller skins who target rakeback grinders with enticing deals, spend practically nothing. Ultimately the major operators are right, if you can avail of rakeback deals as high as 60%, then the natural balance of the network ecology will inevitably be tilted, and the ipoker network to date is a good case in point. In recent years, as rakeback deals have climbed to new heights, the games have gotten tougher and recreational player numbers have been in gradual decline, the network split is aimed at restoring the natural player balance of the network, while outcasting high rakeback skins. It's hard to see Ipoker 2 being anything other than a failure and I can see skins jumping ship like rats on a sinking ship as the player base will undoubtedly flock to ipoker 1 once the split occurs. My advice is to sign up for the William Hill Loyalty scheme, please contact support for more details, the 60% rakeback deals you find offered on other sites just won't be worth it, as the player pool will consist mostly of rakeback grinders and your winrate will undoubtedly suffer as a result.

There is some respite for Omaha however, PLO players will be be able to enjoy ipoker 1 and 2 which ever network they choose, Omaha tables are still shared across both networks, except for in heads up plo sng and sng up to $30. Tournament pools are still the same for NL but SNG up to $30 is again segregated between both networks.

Thankfully best of rakeback can offer you very generous VIP rewards schemes on both ipoker 1 and 2 with the ability to transfer to a wide variety of other networks such as Revolution, Ongame, Merge, Enet and many more.

Tracking Software