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Merge US Poker Network Rakeback Deals and Software

The Merge US poker network is relatively new, founded in 2007 it is still considered a baby in the poker world. Being one of the only remaining networks that still allows American players has helped launch it to the top of poker room chain in a very short time. Before "Black Friday" the network had little traffic, but after they skyrocketed over night and quickly became the place for Americans to play. This has allowed them to introduce bigger guaranteed tournaments and some cool promotions. They launched their own tournament series, "Poker Maximus" in 2012.

Merge poker network has many different skins, 35 in total. Some of the more popular ones are Muchos Merge Poker, Carbon Poker and Lock Poker. When first opening its doors they had one of the higher rake back payouts of all poker sites, giving out 35%. Recently they made adjustments and stopped offering rake back in exchange for a VIP program. Players who were already receiving rake back could opt to change to the VIP system or stay on the rake back system. Any new sign ups were stuck with the VIP system.

The good news is, rakeback is now back and freely available on the Merge Poker Network.

Although Lock Poker, previously one of the largest Merge skins left the network and bought up Cake poker in the process, the fallout wasn't as bad as initially anticipated and Merge player numbers have since levelled off are there's generally no shortage of games.

Merge US Network Rake Back

The default network rate for Merge is 35% rakeback, however some skins have ceased offering rakeback and they've instead put in place cash for points vip systems. We strongly recommend Muchos Bulldog as you can get 35% flat rate that's paid daily on demand to your Best of Rakeback account balance. Their are numerous freerolls, bonuses and a sign up bonus available, combined these will allow you to earn rates as high as 50% rakeback for Merge gaming.

Rake Structure


VIP breakdown

Levels 1-3: Gain 300 points to get entry to the $250 monthly free roll.

Levels 4-5: Gain 750 points to get entry into the $500 monthly free roll.

Level 6: Gain 1,000 points for entry into the $750 monthly free roll.

Level 7: Gain 1,500 points. Exchange 500 points for $5 and entry into the $750 free roll.

Level 8: Gain 2,000 points- Exchange 750 points for $12.50 and entry into the $1,000 free roll.

Level 9: Gain 5,000 points-Exchange 1,000 points for $20 and entry into the $1,000 free roll.

Level 10: Gain 10,000 points- Exchange 2,000 for $50 and entry into the $2,000 free roll.

Level 11: Gain 50,000 points- Exchange 5,000 points for $150 and entry into the $3,000 free roll.

Level 12: Gain 100,000 points- Exchange 10,000 points for $350 and entry into the $4,000 monthly free roll.

Level 13: Gain 200,000 points- Exchange 15,000 points for $600 and entry into the $5,000 monthly free roll.

Level 14: Gain 300,000 points- Exchange 20,000 points for $900 and entry into the $8,000 monthly free roll.

Important Rules for the VIP Program

Points will decay if you do not earn any within 60 days. You are only allowed to exchange points for cash bonuses up to 3 times a month. Points may also be used to buy into tournaments. Points are earned at a rate of 10 points for every $1 in tournament fees are cash game rake contributed.

Traffic and Competition

The games are some of the toughest of all poker rooms. Every American poker grinder is now playing at Merge for the most part. The cash tables are filled with nits and the tournaments have been pretty tough as of late. There are still good games to be found you just need to table select a bit more.

With that said, you will still find good games running and there's good SNG and tournament traffic, and if you game select wisely on Merge poker you'll have no problems making money. PLO games run regularly too, always a good indication of the health of a poker network, is numerous plo games running.

The traffic is solid with an average of 1600 cash players and a peak of 2,500. Overall they average around 6,000 total players online at any given time with a peak of over 10,000 during nights and weekends, though these numbers recently dropped off with the departure of Lock poker, games are still busy.


Merge has been doing a lot to improve on their platform. It has all the bells and whistles that one would want in a poker room. Their unique multi tabling feature allows you to place up to 4 tables on a grid that can be moved around. The fun little chat options lets you type specific words like donkey or lol that will appear as emoticons upon pressing enter.

Overall the Merge Network is a solid option to play, especially for Americans. Given the fact that the traffic at Merge ranks them higher than most sites, non-American players would benefit from playing there as well, although competition is a little tougher than most € sites.

There's been mixed reviews about their latest software update, but overall I think it's a good improvement on the platform.


We strongly advise our customers who don't reside in the US to avail of the, for one simple reason, in light of the recent activities of the DOJ seizing gaming networks, it would be prudent to use Muchos Merge as it will allow you to transfer in and out of the Merge US Poker Network instantly before and after each session, which will ensure that your funds are safe guarded, unfortunately Muchos Poker does not accept US players, this is only an option for non US customers looking to promptly deposit and withdraw funds from Merge.

Games Offered

  • Texas Hold 'Em
  • Omaha High
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 7 Card Stud
  • 7 card Stud Hi/Lo
  • Badugi
  • 2-7 Lowball
  • 5 Card Draw
  • Triple Draw
  • 5 Card Stud
  • Razz

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