PokerStars Rakeback Review

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PokerStars Rakeback and VIP Loyalty Rewards Review

Poker Stars online poker room is by far the one of the best available sites to play on. They are one of the more respected sites around and have been serving the poker community for over a decade. They go the extra mile to ensure all members experience a safe and fun atmosphere. Using state of the art technology and a support staff readily available, your time spent at Poker Stars will be a good one.

PokerStars Rakeback

No rakeback is offered at Poker Stars at this time. Since its inception they have run one of most lucrative VIP programs in the business. With bonuses reaching upwards of $100,000+, members of Poker Stars have plenty to aim for.

Players earn FPPs just by playing any real money game. These FPPs can then be used to purchase milestone cash credits, items in the VIP store and entry into special tournaments. The higher level you achieve, the faster you earn FPPs, making them more valuable.

In total you could earn over $100,000 in cash plus entry into the WSOP and PCA just by playing.

Their VIP program is broken down into levels. Below is a detailed explanation of all benefits and requirements.

Bronze Star: All members are made Bronze Star upon signing up. Bronze Star members are eligible to purchase items in the VIP store and earn stellar rewards.

Silver Star: Earn 750 VPPs in a month to qualify. Silver Star members are eligible for VIP store purchases, a weekly $30,000 free roll and a quarterly $100,000 free roll. Earn FPPs at a rate of 1.5 per VPP.

Gold Star: Earn 3,000 VPPs a month to qualify. Gold Star members are eligible for all the above including, a $1,000,000 quarterly free roll. Earn 2.0 FPPs per VPP.

Platinum Star: Earn 7,500 VPPs in a month to qualify. All of the above perks are included and Silver Star members are eligible to purchase Silver Star only merchandise form the VIP store. Earn 2.5 FPPs per VPP

Supernova: Earn 100,000 VPPs yearly to qualify. All of the above perks are included. Supernova members also are eligible for Milestone cash credits and Supernova only VIP store items. Earn 3.5 FPPs per VPP.

Supernova Elite: 1,000,000 VPPS a year to be eligible. All of the above are included with Supernova Elite. Earn FPPs at rate of 5.0 per VPP.

Rake Structure


Games offered

  • Texas Hold 'Em
  • Omaha High
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Seven Card Stud
  • Razz
  • Triple Stud
  • Horse and 8 game
  • Five Card Draw
  • 2-7 Triple and Single draw
  • Badugi


Poker Stars has one of the better programs around. Players can fully customize their playing experience by choosing one of the many options. Up to 24 cash tables can be played at once and limitless Sit-N-Gos at a time.

The interface is smooth and easy to use. Filtering out certain games allows users to easily find their favorite tournaments or stakes. Note taking ability, multi-table tools and more all add up to an effortless playing time at Poker Stars.

Traffic and Competition

Poker Stars has the most players of any poker room in the world. With over 100,000 players on at any given time, finding a game is a piece of cake.

Since Poker Stars is one of the more popular sites and given all its great features, many good players call it their home. There are many good players floating around the tables, but with so many people on at once, plenty of fish are still to be found. The games overall are tougher than average, but with simple table selecting, a player can steer clear of the better opponents.