Carbon Poker Free Training

Dates of promotion

2013-10-01 until cancelled

How to qualify

The Carbon Poker team has come up with a very exciting plan how to improve your poker skills! They are offering free poker training to all players from the poker professionals at DragTheBar. This is an opportunity and value open to all players at Carbon Poker.

What do you have to do to take advantage of this offer?

All you have to do is earn 10 VIP points to get the rest of this month free as well as the following month. So if you earn 10 VIP points or more on the 3rd of the current month you get the remainder of the current month plus the next month in DragTheBar poker training free! To get an additional month all you have to do is earn 5,000 VIP points before your full months-end. No hidden costs, and no deductions from points, bonuses or other promotions.

Just register with Carbon Poker through our website to claim this and all other exclusive promotions, sign in and opt in to the promotion!

This membership to DragTheBar you get for being a Carbon Poker player comes with all the benefits, training and rewards a full paid DragTheBar member would receive. Only it's free to you for being a Carbon Poker player!

What do you get?

Training from 30 coaches

Over 40 new videos added monthly to a library of over 1,000

Active forums

Once you have met the rake requirements, and signed up at DragTheBar, you will receive an email informing you of your successful account sign up and then another email once you have received the free access by meeting the rake requirements.

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