€7,500 Exclusive Rake Race

Dates of promotion

2013-10-01 until cancelled

How to qualify

In order to qualify for this promotion the player must be registered through our website. This is an Exclusive Rake Race which includes poker players registered with Nordicbet through our website! There is only a limited amount of players who can participate.

Every month there is an Exclusive Rake Race worth €7,500 in total and €1,000 for the winner on Nordicbet.

The rake race lasts from 1st date of the month until the last. Prizes will be paid at the start of the next month directly to the players poker account on Nordicbet.

Do not miss out on this great opportunity to participate in a promotion where the competition is limited!

You can view the leaderboard of this rake race from our website - Promotions - Rake Races.

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