What is rakeback?

Rakeback Explained

Now that we've covered rake we're going to explain what a rakeback deal, while self-explanatory there are some finer details worth noting. Rakeback deals are a return or rebate from the rake you pay playing poker. Usually a rakeback deal will take the form of a flat rate return that's paid out on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The size of the rakeback deal, when it's paid and how it's calculated will differ with each poker room.

If you play online poker and don't have rakeback on your poker site, we recommend using our calculator to see just how much money you're missing out on. Online poker games are much tougher to beat nowadays, this is partly due to plethora of educational material freely available. This has led to diminshing win rates across the board for most players, in laymens terms, the games have less earning potential. Rakeback can help plug the gap in earning potential. It can literally transform a small losing player or breakeven player into a winner, that's the enormity of the effect rakeback can have on your bottom line.

Generally players can only sign up for rakeback through an approved affiliate, affiliates act as agents for poker rooms, as an agent rakeback providers are almost like an extension of poker operators marketing marketing departments. As money is saved through advertising and marketing, poker rooms pass these savings on to the affiliate to redistribute to players. Rakeback deals are only viable for poker rooms when they bear no cost per individual new player acquisition, hence why they are not offered directly by most operators.

We get many queries in relation to the size rakeback deals and if it's possible to earn more than what's advertised. While the default payout on a standard deal might be 30%, some poker rooms don't deduct bonuses from your earnings, in addition to this they also allow you to participate in their promotions such as rakeraces. If you're smart about it and take advantage of all the promotions that your eligible for, you can bonus hunt and consistently reap rewards of anywhere between 30-55%.