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Our poker tournament section encompasses mutli-table tournaments (MTT), single table tournaments (SNG) and MTT-SNG strategy. We've just launched our strategy section and we've some great writers who will be contributing regularly to our poker tournament articles.

You can often hear seasoned cash game players taking swipes at tournament poker in jest, my own personal favourite is 'lol donkaments'. To illustrate just how much they dislike playing tournament poker, I know some professional players that can count the number of MTTs they play each year on one hand.

Winning a poker tournament is not an easy task, quite the opposite, the paths that lead to any final table are treacherous and especially unforgiving, and all along the way you need lady luck standing right by your side. Luck on it's own will only take you so far, sure every now and again people get lucky and go on to win major tournaments, but you almost never see them repeat their amazing runs. That's the beauty of poker, anyone can win, but not anyone can win in the long run.

Granted there is a gulf in the level of skill and the element of chance when comparing cash games to tournament poker, tourneys also have some very fine nuances and intricacies. If you can spend time learning these through articles, poker training videos and interacting on poker forums, you will give yourself a much better chance of make money playing poker tournaments.

Players who make a living exclusively from MTT poker are few and far between, that in itself is a pretty good indication of the level of variance you can expect. Usually pros bankroll their tournament play with earnings from cash games or Sit and go play. You need a comfortable bankroll with solid bankroll management to weather MTT storms.

You may not have the time or the patience to play a tournemant field with over 5,000-10,000 entrants, but don't let this put you off playing tournaments in general, just try find the right tournament field that suits your lifestyle, the big attraction with a large player field is obviously the large prizepools on offer. A tournament such as the Sunday Million on PokerStars can take at least 9 hours to complete, that's quite a big time committment, you can expect to be in the money in around 4-5 hours of play.

Overlays are another great reason to play poker touranments, in a guaranteed tournament when the number of players doesn't reach the guaranteed prizepool from each buy-in, this is referred to as an overlay. You can find MTTs running everyday with big and small overlays on offer across multiple poker rooms and networks. You tend to find the largest overlays around when online poker rooms and networks are running their online series of tournaments, the overlays can be substantial.

Winning a tournement gives you a great feeling of satisfaction, it might take a while before you win one, but when you do, it makes playing tournament poker so much more worthwhile and enjoyable.

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